bricks and bells


Hi everyone! I hope that you, well had a good weekend! Mine was super okay and I had fun, though I still can not get use to the resumption of classes again tomorrow! lol

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After a serious long hiatus of posting a OOTD, I am finally back! Yey! (corny) haha! I’ve been juggling my time lately between being serious on school and spending some quality time with my family and friends. And thankfully, my efforts were quite paid. Continue reading



They say, in order to live a happy life we must always seek to obtain balance. We live in a world where we are obliged to choose between what we want and what we think is right. And to keep the balance we must always choose the obvious. Continue reading


Fashion loves a throwback. By the time we’re done and ready to retire our old clothes, a seminal comeback by either a trend or an item of clothing is bound to catch us off-guard. Much to the dismay of those who believe that less is more, fashion seems to be embracing a certain air of modesty by way of the maxi skirt.994495_10200615764771393_325325922_n1999025_10200615767571463_1664032560_nI love this maxi skirt so much that I didn’t even hesitated to get it the first time I saw it. I love the pleated details and the perfect right length of it, long enough that will give you a lady like appeal and it exudes enviable elegance. Continue reading