Silent Mode

I am brought back to the present moment with the smell of morning coffee wafting through my little room as I laze around my house wearing shorts thinking to myself about the days that have gone by and how I am now.

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Eternal Summer


Has it been really almost a week since my last post?  Please don’t give me that face… but you see I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately. But no worries, I’ll make it up to you by sharing with you a special place that is close to my heart. Santa Ana, Cagayan.

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With nothing but endless stone meadows, green leafy trees, tall hills, clear water, crisp blue skies and the nearly bittersweet end of summer on my skin, I soaked up as much of the peaceful and serene Magoli Eco Park as I could before returning to my extremely long to-do list.

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Post Lenten Season: 7 beautiful Isabela churches you can consider for Visita Iglesia.

Holy Week was a tradition that was integrated into the Filipino society during the Spanish regime. Since then, Filipinos have been commemorating this day as an important religious holiday.

And this year, I spent it with my family.


Well, it is customary for Filipinos to visit seven churches on this particular week. This is called Visita Iglesia which is a Spanish word for “to visit churches”. Some people visit 14 churches to symbolize the 14 Stations of the Cross, and last week (Maundy Thursday) we visited seven churches.

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Hot-spot: something worth remembering

477791_555198467876361_1769860342_oWhile browsing all the albums in my Facebook account, I saw these album that is something worth remembering and deserve a blog-post itself! so I was thinking.. Since today is Thursday! you know what that means already.. THROWBACK! 😀 perfect time and excuse to resurrect old photos. Which means? this post is a loooooong overdue backlogs. lol Though these photos are already posted in my Facebook account but I have not written about them yet, so here it is… Continue reading