Passed Out

Many a horrible thing has been said and done under the influence of alcohol.

Crazy things happen when people drink too much too often. I don’t need to go into statistics. How often are alcohol-induced hurtful words spewed and then forgotten by everyone but the sober? How many words can’t be retracted because they can’t even be remembered by the one who delivered them? It’s dangerous to let fear lock up uncomfortable emotions and then let alcohol be the key that sets them free. It’s almost as dangerous as a car wreck.

Relationships are destroyed, professions are ruined, bank accounts depleted, and trust eroded. You hang around other people who support the alcohol habit and before you know it you’re surrounded by people who are too numb to be authentically real. Everyone seems happy in a bar, but it’s false happiness. Artificial, chemically induced happiness. If you want true happiness, you’re not going to find it in a bottle.

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Am I saying that no one should ever drink again?
No. But I’d like to see a lot of people drink a lot less.
And I am saying that I would like to see choosing not to drink to become a hip, cool & sexy new trend.
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57 thoughts on “Passed Out

  1. I completely agree. I enjoy a glass of wine on a night out, but hate the feeling of having had too much. It does seem as though a lot of people go out with the intention of getting drunk which is so sad to see. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. Very thought-provoking post. Drinking is fun when you do it with friends and celebrating something or a few drinks for some “chill” after finishing a but-load of work. But drinking too much like it’s a hobby, and drinking when you’re depress, or going through a rough time, I don’t really get it. Alcohol doesn’t solve any problems.

    ❤️ Alyssa // STYLE VANITY // Instagram

  3. Good points, I don’t drink very much, but one of the common side effects of drinking even a little is often saying things we regret! Have a lovely week 🙂

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