where to go, what to do?

We know where we’ve been, but where are we going?

a dreaded question I’ve been asking myself lately.

Sometimes, its hard to tell between one and the other. Sometimes we feel stuck in the same place and feel like we’re not moving.  In the beginning it started as a way to document my personal style, which naturally evolved into a travel, lifestyle and personal style journal but without my intention to do so, but they feel like less of a priority to the many other blossoming facets of the life which operates behind closed doors.

Amidst such and such, I decided to update this space with some of my new work and a collaboration with MNLSTREETWEAR, which is, in reality, from months ago already. Although being unable to publish immediately makes me anxious at times, what better way is there to learn. Just take that feeling and kick it in the butt. Think about what you want next in life, set that as a goal, and go out there and get it!

top and skirt: Mnlstreetwear | bag: Sammydress

What do you think? more updates to come!

Location: Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines



89 thoughts on “where to go, what to do?

  1. That first gif was really cool with the effect! As long as you chase your dreams and interests, you will be going in the right direction. Good luck with it all 🙂

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