There’s something so incredibly liberating and raw about the 70s that I confess I find this decade and its return in fashion for this year incredibly irresistible in that very sexy and particularly wild sort of way.

. I mean for the past hour I’m listening to Beatles and I’m this close to saying fuck it while leaving for Woodstock. But then it hits me: fucking reality.

A 70’s look that’s back with a vengeance, FLARE trousers.




Having worn skinny jeans for so long, I tried for a change wearing these Stylish High Waist Bell-Bottom Side Slit Trousers which DressLily has sent me, together as well with these, Round Neck Cut-Out Top With Lace-Up, Stylish Pointed Toe Cross-Strap Design Flat Shoes, and a Pair of Simple Solid Color Circle Geometric Earrings.

I have done several posts and reviews about online shops, and I am always satisfied that I tried so many products and I couldn’t be happier with that. In comparison to a brick and mortar store with fixed hours, there is no doubt that shopping online can be very convenient for busy people. You can shop from your home or office – or any other location where you have access to a computer, tablet device or smartphone and Internet access. You can browse and make purchases any time of the day or night from any location that is convenient for you rather than having to take time out of your day or evening to go to local stores in person during their hours of operation


top: DressLily | bottom: DressLily | shoes: DressLily | Earrings: DressLily

Have you guys ever heard about DressLily? If you have, that’s amazing! But If you haven’t heard about them, you’re going to read about it.

They are an online store which has variety of items related to fashion like dresses, shoes, accessories, catering man and women and as well as home-wares. They promise to try their best to offer the lowest price and convenient shipping and shopping services. And of course! quality comes first! Isn’t that what we all want and desire?

I have found such a positive thing in this company, I have had wonderful experience with them, an enjoyable moment for sure.

This look don’t just simply fire up your sense of nostalgia; they also train the eye for more fabulousness to come.

What do you think?

leave your comments down below and say your thoughts about what I chose and if you had an experience with DressLily i’d like to hear it.

Location: Cabagan, Isabela





92 thoughts on “Flare

  1. I already saw your outfit on IG and I gotta say I really love your white top! The cutouts and design and the neckline is so different and fun. I like 70’s fashion as well. Everything just seems more playful and carefree. Love this look!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

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