Bare the shoulders


There are certain key points I always keep in mind whenever I buy something, well I intend to, except for some state of the art pieces and impulse purchases, like that itch you can’t control or quit, which I am sure fashion enthusiasts will understand, you feel me?

One of the factors is whether I see myself wearing a certain piece in at least 3 different ways and of course, this also applies to outfits which are also meant for special events which I have managed to shamelessly repeated on several occasions.


I am not someone who’d wear an outfit only once and be done with it, but certainly I’d prefer some mix and match or tweaking every time I recycle any outfit, which I feel shows the true potential of one’s styling skills. Besides, I don’t think recycling is a sin as long as you love what you are wearing and not just doing it for the masses.


One such versatile pieces I recently had which I don’t mind to recycle are these charming off the shoulder ruffled blouse, stylish black tassel embellished and zipper design handbag, and stylish hollow out silver metal frame sunglasses which Sammydress has sent to me all.


 Sammydress is a website offering a huge variety of different styles and trends for low prices, an online wholesale retailer as well where you can buy things at cheap prices because you are buying direct from the wholesaler and cutting out the middle man. I had a very positive experience with the item that Sammydress has sent me.

The blouse: the materials are so good, comfy, and everything appears to be made well. I was really positively surprised because, judging by the low price of it, I didn’t expect much, but this blouse was really pretty and light. I want to go on a major Sammydress shopping spree after receiving such a great pieces from them!

The bag: I’ve been carrying it around for about a week now and am super happy with it. It looks edgy, and is holding up so well. And believe me, I put my bags through a lot and this bag holds it all also and looks great doing it.

The sunglasses: I’ve been looking for a great sunnies, and this one totally fits the bill. I have a thing for mirrorized glasses, and I totally love this one.


top: Sammydress | bag: Sammydress | sunglasses: Sammydress

I did also received other items from them, and thought? I would post them soon as I can’t fathom to post all of them on one posting.

I am definitely looking forward to making a purchase from Sammydress myself after reviewing such a great quality item that fits me perfectly. I would recommend you taking measurements of yourself and comparing it to each item’s measurements before purchasing any items of clothing to make sure you get the correct size, though. A tiny bit of work for huge savings… I’ll take it!

Location: SM City Cauayan Roof deck car-park





58 thoughts on “Bare the shoulders

  1. Gorgeous look! I really love the off the shoulder blouse. Such a great trend, and you wear it well. I agree that the bag is very edgy and such a statement. I like recycling my outfits as well, no shame in that! Why waste a perfectly good outfit that can be worn time and time again?

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

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