Dear Daniel,


A feminine maxi dress is I think the perfect staple for every girl of all ages when it comes to dressing. Easy to throw on if you’re quickly leaving the house and even easier to wear in the evening with a few accessories.

I couldn’t help but channel some old Hollywood glamour when I spotted this vintage maxi dress that is made from velvet from Monsoon Twilight. Manicured clean nails with a matching bold red lips, ribbon choker, curled messy hair and of course a delicate classy wristwatch that is DANIEL WELLINGTON which always seem to compliment every staple or this timeless staple in particular all too well.


Since I saw this watch on many fashion bloggers’ wrists, I can’t help but want to have the same. I admire the design and the classic or vintage vibe it boosts. Later did I know… the brand would send me one.

Founded by Filip Tysander who once met an interesting British gentleman during one his travels who loved to wear vintage watches with an old NATO straps and then he named it after him.

He was Daniel Wellington.


Inspired by the gentleman’s impeccable yet unpretentious style, the brand Daniel Wellington was born; A watch that is minimalist, classy and refined. Each and every one of their watches has interchangeable straps which make every watch unique and allows you to create a different watch for every day of the week.

IMG_1312blank (2),

The leather straps, are made of genuine leather and are available in a range of elegant shades of brown and black, with a silver or rose gold plated brace and

The NATO strap, pioneered by the British navy back in the 70’s ranges timeless color combinations. This strap suits any outfit, any occasion and any mood.

This ensemble is everything, a vintage dress that is simple yet sultry which defines the perfect definition of being classy, easily compliments the bold red lip and a messy curled bed hair without being too over the top. The DANIEL WELLINGTON watch also help to keep this minimalist look bold rather than boring and have inspired me to work towards building a more balanced and diverse wardrobe this year.


dress: Monsoon Twilight | watch: Daniel Wellington

What to get this watch for yourself? Head over to this direct LINK, check out and don’t forget to use my code aprilynDW, for 15% off on all items until August 15, 2016. Don’t worry… they ship FREE worldwide.

Thank you so much Daniel Wellington.

Location: Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines





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