Kookizare x Promdi Chic: True Blue Circle


So this is one of the two handmade accessories the staff from Kookizare generously sent me two weeks ago. Kookizare is an affordable handmade accessories store based in Singapore catered to edgy humans to pursue their inner wild child.

And for today’s post, I will feature the “True Blue Circle” accessory first because I just couldn’t fathom wearing all two pieces into one outfit, so expect the other one up next!


Handcrafted with their signature black leather cord, and a hand painted single-sided stone. Can be worn as a choker or a princess-style necklace.

Stone Size – 14mm Diameter

Cord Length –  16 Inches

Cord Type – Black Leather Cord

Clasp Type –  Lobster Clasp

Stone Color –  True Blue

IMG_1305 (2)

Well, I’m so used to styling accessories with dresses, or just anything at all to add more layer and textures but when I received these two accessories, I knew exactly what style I will strut with this… nothing else than my eternal love for minimal black dressing and anything. Lol. There was nothing I wanted to add, I don’t often come across many accessories that make me want to wear it just by itself so this was like a breath of fresh air. The simplicity is something I desperately need now that my style is again on transition phase (Hello, Rainy days) It’s quite perfect, really.

What do you think?


So I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I didn’t get a chance to do much besides run errands, shooting lookbook’s for the blog and other stuff I don’t need to share because we need to leave something for our own selves sometimes, right? 🙂 A very big, big, big thank you to Kookizare for the amazing gift and for all of my international readers, if you haven’t heard of Kookizare think along the lines of Singapore’s best accessory brand. You can check them out here where this necklace is also available online. Have a look and let me know what you guys think; I’d love to hear!

P.S. If you`re going to order anything from Kookizare, don`t forget to use my code <APRILYN> upon checkout to avail of a S$1 discount off the bill! Neat, huh?

necklace: Kookizare | fur vest: NewChic

Location: The Rooftop





61 thoughts on “Kookizare x Promdi Chic: True Blue Circle

    • haha! I know how you feel, during my higschool days… I used to wear them a lot, and when Kookizare approached me for a collaboration, I thought? I’d give it a try and guess? i think I made a right decision. Thank you so much hun for dropping by. Have a nice day!

  1. First of all, I love those photos! You look so edgy and fierce! It definitely goes well with the necklace. Secondly, I like how you chose to keep the focus on the necklace, as it’s really gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    • thank you Andrea! It’s good to know that you love my photos, i’m ver much flattered. And yes, i thought to focus on the necklace cause the color alone can already pop on any outfit. 🙂

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