Dead End


Reading all the feedback on last week’s style article was an absolute joy, I am so grateful to witness each time that so many of you take a second to read my thoughts, even if it can be quite a bit and I’m not really a good writer. So yea…

While organizing dozens of blog posts to come from this year I stumbled upon even more drafts from last year’s travels… My backlog of unseen posts is quite extensively scattered over the last few months but I thought putting them out there in to the universe is better late than never.




I feel like I am constantly complaining of time and internet restrictions but it is honestly the truth. When I am on the road it is extremely difficult to stay on top of numerous emails each day, trying to figure out where I am staying most nights let alone finding reception strong enough for blog posts. Then when I get home I prioritize the rare opportunity to switch offline. Honestly a wonderful problem to have, but just to let you all know that I have the best intentions with keeping this page updated, but life just keeps happening.

My brother and I took the opportunity to do a random photoshoot on this bridge we passed by going to Ilocos Region here in the Philippines. I love it so much and I instantly fell in love with its majestic view with the mountain and the sea as your background, it is actually one of the famous tourist spot in Ilocos and I could understand why.


There is nothing I love more than wearing a pretty outfit in a pretty bridge with a natural scenery, a slight breeze, and a gloomy sun is always the best. Like all good things, moments like this can’t be planned, they just happen, especially if you travel with your love ones and it’s impossible to try and measure the fun you’re having when you’re there in the moment experiencing it first-hand. How I wish I could live here.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I promise I won’t go missing for another week anytime soon. I have plenty to share with you this week, that’s for sure, so I’ll be seeing you very shortly.

jacket: Mango | shoes: Old Navy | dress: Forever 21 | hat: SM Accsessories

what do you think?

Location: Patapat viaduct bridge, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines





79 thoughts on “Dead End

  1. I guess major backlogs are usual for each and every passionate blogger. Lol. I am not alone.. Haha… Anyway, babeee super love the jacket (and the view), I’ve been looking for a similar one but couldn’t find the perfect jacket… Hopefully, makahanap ako ng something similar sa suot mo… Miss you babe. Love yah!
    ❤ There’s More to Mica //

    • hi babe!!! Yes, occasionally but passionate blogger! hahaha.

      Thank you so much for appreciating it, I got it from Mango but super last last year na. I hope you’ll find one soon! Have a nice day babe and thank you for dropping by.

  2. i’m loving your jacket for sure.
    and i get you with backlogs, i have a pile, myself. i guess it’s normal when you travel a lot, it really becomes difficult to stay on top of your game on the the internet.
    can’t wait to see these backlogs tho!

    xo, Carla

    • yuh, exactly! those times when you doesn’t really have a time to post everything as much as you want to because of many restrictions i.e. time and poor internet connection. lol! Thank you so much for appreciating my jacket! have a nice day dear.

  3. I agree, sometimes the best moments and memories come spontaneously. I think I have some random planned blogposts that I never got around to posting too. Hahaha I try to plan ahead, but then I forget that I have them and I don’t end up using them. Glad you shared this one though! I like this outfit. It looks great with the red and black, and against the beautiful view of the mountains it really makes it pop.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

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