Dancing on my own


It seems my love for summer has well and truly kicked in, humid enough to start wearing light clothing or just a pair of bikini just right for the temperature and looking adorable too.

Yes, summer is and always has been my one of my favorite season with a beautiful color palette to match. Right now I’m loving dark colors cause maybe, I am still in the transition phase.  But sooner, I have a feeling I’ll be playing with bright colors and a touch of purple too. I don’t know, I’ve always been unpredictable.




Well, these are just few of the photos my brother and I took when we had our vacation last holy week. Sometimes the crowds that gather on the beaches there can be quite overwhelming so my brother and I decided to get up super early to drive up the coast to find a little secluded beach of our own. The sky was beautiful, clear and sunny, which is exactly how we spent the best part of our day whilst soaking up the sun. There were still a few confused on lookers who looked like they couldn’t figure out why I was twirling around on the spot, HAHA. I loved that the sand dunes were so high it made me look like I was actually on a different place or dancing amongst the clouds and sand. As a constant day dreamer who spends most of my day with my head in the clouds I couldn’t of asked for a better backdrop. If only I could spend my days doing this more often.


Well, things seem to be pretty crazy now at the moment. I’m feeling more inspired than ever to be working towards a life where doors will open for you and can’t help but think even if they don’t, well, you just open them yourself.

accessories: real pearl | dress: ASOS

location: Abulug, Cagayan, Philippines





82 thoughts on “Dancing on my own

  1. Love the photos! Twirling around in a long dress on the beach is the most fun thing to do ever. Who cares what other people think? Hahaha

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  2. You and your bro chose a gorgeous secluded spot and haha! regarding the puzzled onlooks gazing at you twirling around ( : Loving the eazy breezy feel of that dress, I like wearing loose fitted clothes during a hot day…have a good week ( :

  3. Love the dress, it looks so comfortable April. Love this too “working towards a life where doors will open for you and can’t help but think even if they don’t, well, you just open them yourself.” Yess!!

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