Into the woods


I think the perfect day for me is when there’s a beautiful warmth from the sun yet a slight chill in the air that you can still snuggle with your friends and enjoy a relaxing afternoon together, plus a camera. My friends and i decided to have a picnic up the north on this amazing natural wonder  where you could run and swim and do whatever you please and there wouldn’t be tourists staring at you wondering if you were bananas.

I also finally got to wear this amazing vintage long sleeve maxi dress that i have decided to keep after months of contemplating and this amazingly unique Jord Woodwatch. Out of all my years dressing up, I’ve never found one that fits me so well nor one with such uniqueness so i’m really glad Jord Woodwatches sent me this as this watch was just too perfect for today.




JORD is one of the many brands coming out with wooden watches now – apart from their obvious unique and classy appeal, wood watches actually have a few advantages over metal, synthetic leather,  and plastic watches. I picked the Cora series: Maple and Silver


They’re surprisingly lightweight and smooth to the touch. The stainless steel clasp holds the watch securely on  and they’re also not as sweaty and sticky as plastic. On top of that, the natural wood grain finish is gorgeous!

Jord has also that option of having it sized prior to being it sent, so you really don’t have to worry about the fittings of it. Include high quality and expert craftsmanship, I don’t know how to hype about these more. Stylish, beautiful, elegant and a true conversation piece no matter where you wear them. They will go with everything from jeans to dresses and you will be so excited to wear them every day.

Give them a try! You’ll love it for sure.


dress: Max | watch: Jord Woodwatches | hat: SM Accessories

For orders and more information about JORD WOODWATCHES, you may visit and connect with them here:

Website: Jord Woodwatches

Twitter and IG: @woodwatches_com

Facebook Page: Jord Woodwatches Facebook

So I hope you all have a wonderful midweek.

Location: Callao Caves, Penablanca, Cagayan, Philippines





56 thoughts on “Into the woods

    • Thank you! I myself too was shocked that there was a wooden watch thing going on. Lol! This watch should be on everyone’s wrists! Super unique and cool! Thank you and enjoy the weekends.

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