Goodbye, Hello


I’ll never forget the people I’ve met, the blog posts and stories I’ve told, the places and events I’ve been to and the brands that trusted me. I am changed by the stories I did and the experienced I’ve gained.

It’s true… Good things takes time, hard work, focus, faith and a little luck. It is always up to us how we can make our goals and resolutions come to reality. Always remember that every single day is another chance to make things right, laugh, make mistakes no matter how tough life can be. You just have to make the most out of it.

2015, was a great year to say the least amidst the life up’s and downs. No, I wont be making an in-depth analysis on how my year went because for sure, it will only bore you. I just want to tell how THANKFUL I am for 2015. And so I’d like to make a virtual toast, THANK YOU! I hope that this 2016, we may all be wiser and stronger. Cheers everyone!




But wait, I wouldn’t want to end this post without any fashion related stuff. At last, I’ve finally made a blog post update after a month and half frame since my last upload, for who knows what reason. But I’m happy to say that I’ve officially gotten my “busyness” out of my system.Β  I wore this all black combo outfit during our family year-end out of town vacation for 2015. I was aiming for androgynous look for a change and hopefully I pulled it off. What do you think?


jacket: Max & Co | jeans: Liz Claiborne | shoes: Jordan

Fashion Tip: You can also pair it with men’s jeans to make your look more masculine. There are wide range of men’s jeans you can choose from and pair it with.

From ripped to high wasted and skinny, you can find the perfect pair of jeans at ZALORAΒ to make your outfit more androgynous. A cut above the rest.

Happy New Year everyone!

Location: Hotel Tiffany, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte





69 thoughts on “Goodbye, Hello

  1. happy new year to you too!! I love your shoes and jacket ❀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

    • Lena! It’s been a long time. Thank you so much for dropping by here in my blog. Yea, you are exactly right. Happy New Year and I hope everything is fine with you. Hope to hear from you again, soon. ❀️

    • Thanks Hon, 😘 I’m also looking forward to your blog topics this 2016. I hope you’ve been doing fine and I’m wishing you the best. Have a blessed and wonderful year ahead! πŸŽ‰

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