Gray Sweats


Home truly is where the heart is, wherever we go, whatever we do, we carry a piece of home with us always, which might explain why it’s so often the topic of conversation when we first meet someone (especially since most days it’s not written all over us).

Preparing this post got me thinking of all the times over the course of my life I’ve been asked “where are you from” or “where’s home… where’d you grow up?” Today I’m in my home, and in the short time I’ve had it on, I’ve already gotten a couple nods, a few smiles, and even thumbs up – What a great way to represent the place that lives within us all. Home, there’s no place in the world like it.




On another note, there is something about minimal dressing that’s just so interesting at the moment, gone are the days when we have been obsessing about the most over used decades of fashion. The world is now a fan of simple, basic and grunge. Wear your grays with printed skirts, or a plain shorts, leggings, skinny jeans or just anything you want just like what I did on today’s OOTD post, paired my gray sweater courtesy of Mnlstreetwear with plain black shorts.. I don’t to you but I loved it so much.

Simplicity is the key, remember?


sweater: MnlStreetWear | purse: SM Store

P.S. If you are an avid online shopper, you may want to consider shopping on MnlStreetwear! They’ve got so much amazing items and good services. They’ll give you the same amazing experience of shopping just like when you’re inside of physical store.

Not convinced yet? visit their pages

Website: MnlStreetwear

Instagram: @mnlstreetwear

Facebook: MnlStreetWear Facebook

Location: Cabagan Municipal Hall





75 thoughts on “Gray Sweats

  1. I must admit I will always reside in More Is More City, buuuuut I do appreciate peeps who can pool of the whole Minimalistic Chic thang, I adore that mulit grey tones sweater, like ADOOORE and pairing with micro shorts and heels gives us that sexy sassiness we love you for! Have a fab wkend! x

    • Well, i have been into minimalistic side these past days. Haha! And thank you for appreciating it. You always give the best comment my love! And oh? Happy Thanksgiving day and enjoy the weekends you lovely and sweet girl. 😘

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