Pose with purpose

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Another day, another pair of vintage sunnies…

Thank you mom for hanging onto these beauties all these years, and being kind enough to let me take this moment in through “your lens” HAHA!


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“Pose with purpose”, my sweet brother said as he threw his hair back and knelt down in the 32 degree Celsius heat to take this. And of course I immediately thought of (pose!) I should probably prefaced by saying it takes a lot for me not to laugh in the midst of these “photo ops” as I desperately try not to lose my balance. Maybe next time I’ll cha-cha down the street.

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top: Zara | mullet skirt with leggings: Korean brand | sunnies: Vintage

The wonderful thing about this vintage and oh-so-sentimental sunnies is that you can match it Β with perfect outfit. What do you think?





58 thoughts on “Pose with purpose

  1. Ok I know this is a sunnies post but I’m intrigued by your mullet skirt with leggings, I’m guessing the leggings are attached to the skirt- NICE!!How lovely to have something from your ma’s stylish past- hon if sunnies are oversized and vintage, I more or less love them! Ha! X Ps my bro took my last blog post pics as well, isnt it lovely when family can give you a hand!

    • Yes! It was attached. Hehe. When i first saw it at the store, i thought its unique thats why I instantly bought it. Lol! Yes, it is.. Actually, my brother is my photographer. Lol! Have a nice day hun. I hope youre doing well. Bless you!

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