Dream Place


Is it just me or is finding nice clothes to wear at the beach a lot harder than you thought? I often steer clear of denim shorts and singlets but living closely like, hour’s away drive to the beach makes it hard to find pieces I can just throw when I’m running out the door.

So when I found this maxi dress by I-N-C International Concepts, deeply tucked in my closet which I totally forgot I had, I couldn’t stop flaunting it, nor could I stop twirling by the beach shore in it too.




Made from cotton fabric which feels somewhat like a second skin, which is super flattering and falls perfectly from top to down, this maxi dress is the perfect staple for summer here in Philippines. Easy to throw on if you’re quickly leaving the house and even easier to wear in the evening with a few accessories.


maxi dress: I-N-C International Concept | aviators: Rayban

I couldn’t help but channel some chic beach babe from the 90’s in it. Lol :p

what do you guys think?

Location: Nangaramoan Beach, Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines





96 thoughts on “Dream Place

  1. Love the floppy hat, it adds a touch of Old Hollywood Glamour to your outfit. I am not really a beach person, though I am going to Marbella next month so I better get my Beachwear ready- I’m a huge fan of kaftans so I guess that’s what I wld wear….such a goooorgeous location!

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