My family and I have been busy these past days which resulted to, on my part? backlogs and un-answered emails. My brother got into vehicle accident and underwent a major operation on his face. But I’m really glad and thankful that he is safe now, and he’s home already. It only takes seconds for an accident to happen, so let’s always remember…  NEVER drive if you’re DRUNK.

On another story, When I spent a weekend in Santa Ana, Cagayan with my family 3 weeks ago for weekend vacation (oh God, has a whole month already flown by so quickly?) I spent the last hour of our vacation visiting Castle in the Sky. (I will do separate post for it) We had planned on spending the afternoon watching the sunset over the Castle in the Sky whilst nestled amongst the beautiful gardens.




Unfortunately we didn’t realize that the castle would be closing half an hour after we arrived. Of course making the most of our situation my brother and I decided to take photos out the front of Castle instead, just as an ethereal glow started to prance through its golden garden, over-viewing the mighty Cagayan River and the well-known Magapit Bridge.


top: The Fashion Plate | palazzo: P Square

Location: Castle in the Sky, Lallo, Cagayan Province, Philippines





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