With nothing but endless stone meadows, green leafy trees, tall hills, clear water, crisp blue skies and the nearly bittersweet end of summer on my skin, I soaked up as much of the peaceful and serene Magoli Eco Park as I could before returning to my extremely long to-do list.

When I started this blog I would often shoot in light-filled places like this with my brother, yet with both of us getting busy often, we rarely get to do this anymore, let alone shoot together. It’s always so humbling to go back to the basics, to remember where and why you began and to simply do the things that bring you happiness.




Spending the afternoon in a vast greenly meadows or taking a road trip with nothing but my fleeting thoughts and distant memories is still the perfect way to clear my head and reflect on what has been and what’s to come, perhaps another reason why I just love nature so much.


dress: Le Chateau

Location: Magoli Eco Park, Brgy. Antagan, Tumauini, Isabela, Philippines





76 thoughts on “Oasis

  1. I’ve to admit, as awful as it sounds: ‘I dont do nature’. Hooooowever I can admire its beauty, these are truly lovely pics, I love the big white stones, and your eazy breezy dress compliments the peaceful vibe of the scenery….

    • Thank you so much Hun! Yes, locations are everything. given that.. I’m sure you will rock every locations for your photos! Excited about your next post. Have a nice day! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi! First, I would like to thank you for the sweetest comment! Well, hope we could shot a lot more of this kind.. hehe! Aside from the photos, the bonding between us is what I really do appreciate. Thaaaanks! πŸ˜‰

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