on boyfriend jeans


Hello everyone! Another quick style post again for this week. So, lets get started! πŸ˜‰

Ever evolving, denim has breathed its way effortlessly through every trend, all the while reinventing itself, creating strong fashion statement and undeniable individuality.

The low maintenance look of boyfriend jeans is taken from the notion that they are “borrowed from your boyfriend”, hence its effortless appeal.




Boyfriend jeans have caught on as one of the biggest jeans trends in 2009, where Katie Holmes initially started it. Correct me if I’m wrong. πŸ™‚

It can be best worn with rolled up cuffs and paired with ballet flats, sandals or heels. Just don’t go overboard with your accessories, keep it simple either with a shoulder bag, vintage eyewear or chunky bracelets or watch, and then plain, slim or semi-loose fitting tees or top are also ideal to balance out the semi-masculine style of boyfriend jeans.


laced top: h&m | boyfriend jeans: Bluenotes | heels: Manolo Blahnik

Now, raid your boyfriends closet and look for a worthy boyfriend jeans, or in my case? check out stores which sells rad boyfriend jeans and flaunt it the way you want! hehe

Happy mid-week everyone!





73 thoughts on “on boyfriend jeans

    • thanks dear! this was actually my first boyfriend jeans. And? i didn’t regret purchasing it. And? i just blocked it for a few minutes only. I hope they won’t hate me for that! hahaha

      • Lol!
        I have boyfriend jeans sitting in my wardrobe, no motivation yet but I should style in nextweek hopefully because I’m a very good procrastinator.


      • hahaha! I think, when you procrastinate… there’s a high chance it will have a good outcome, it adds excitement. Pre-planned is still okay though. Looking forward on it, and I’m sure you will rock it. :*

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