A tulle for today.

Nothing is more comfortable on wearing a tulle maxi skirt on a hot summer day.

I kid you not. πŸ˜‰ Have you ever felt, the feeling of air passing through your skirt under the heat of the sun? ugh, amazing!


Always classy, but with an edge.

At the moment my style is highly influenced by it. I wasn’t really into specific style, its just thatΒ I candidly found myself sporting this kind of look.




It’s not a BIG DEAL and I’m not complaining as I love adding a little bit of colorful drama to my outfits. It may be as big as a floppy hat or ditching stilettos for a mandals. After all, nobody wants to drown in a sea of people wearing the same thing, the same style and the same trend.


top: La Mode Chic | mandals: local shop | tulle maxi skirt: M+P+E

To blend in, you do have to stand out. Do you agree? πŸ˜‰




77 thoughts on “A tulle for today.

  1. ah i love your outfit!! i agree with you, it’s perfect for the summer and that breezy feeling passing thru the layers of tulle is the best haha.

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