Stay humble, be faithful, offer hope, work diligently, fight fairly, live simply, rest deeply, pray regularly…. and that’s what you call LIVING.


This quote will always be one of my favorites, it kept me grounded from all the blessings I’ve received from the past few months. This blogging thing has opened so many doors, opportunities, and experiences to me. I never thought this day would come…. and I’m very happy on it.

Okay, that was kinda emotional. HAHA! So, to kick off this month first outfit post… I’m sporting a look that I got from my moms closet! yay.




Fashion loves a throwback. By the time we’re done and ready to retire our old clothes, a seminal comeback by either a trend or an item of clothing is bound to catch us off-guard. Don’t you guys love it that not only photos are being “throwback” these days but also fashion?

I rummaged my moms closet and I got this skirt! I just tweaked it a little and then paired it black sweater from 2000 circa, Guess collection and kept everything minimal.


old skirt: Liza Claiborne | old top: Guess | bag: SM store | earrings: Fashion Plate

a fashion passé or not? tell me what you think.

Have a great week ahead and by the way, Happy Easter! 🙂




37 thoughts on “Passé

  1. I love that you found this skirt from your mum’s closet – great thinking! Congratulations on all the opportunities you’ve had so far with your blog 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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