black and gold, for summer?

Are we there yet? Of course we’re not referring to every child’s favorite backseat question but to the idea of finally reaching summer.


But the ultimate question is…

are black and gold can be worn on summer? I think it stands a chance, why not?



with black being known for its sophistication, I think it can be a low-key alternative to summer’s bright colors and patterns. In an attempt to be a chic, these off-shoulder black top worn with a trousers with a small glimmers off gold-nude colors, which I think added a sophisticated spark to the simplest black off-shoulder top already sealed the deal.

What more if you gilded the look with gold accessories, a black woven floppy hat, and a white rounded sunnies? its a triple threat!


off-shoulder top: Seductions | trousers: Daisy | gold slippers: Leave land

What do you think?

let me know your thoughts or violent reactions! haha.





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