When comfort is more.


Few more days left till my favorite season of the year will bid for its goodbye. I’m sad somehow but SUMMER isn’t a bad season anyway. The beach, swimming, camping… ugghh! Who wouldn’t want that?

First of all, HELLO guys! I was out few days ago and haven’t been blogging because it’s so hard juggling studies and blogging at the same time. So, forgive me for lack of updates.




For today’s look, I opted to wear something that is back-track from the 80’s fashion, not exactly a trend but moreover, a mood that is to swathe you enough for the remaining days of the cold season. I like that it is versatile and super comfortable to wear as comfort is really the key for me. I hate fidgeting and feeling awkward by pretending to be happy in something that kills me.


houndstooth coat: Piranesi Sette | studded clutch: Parisian | deconstructed pants: Thrifted

What do you guys think? I hope you guys liked it. 😉




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