Coffee Break: Tuguegarao City Tumblr Bloggers Meet-Up


Tuguegarao City Tumblr Bloggers meet-up? Yes, there’s such thing!

Last month, December 29, 2014. I know, this is beyond late already! Haha. I got really busy. My backlogs are piling up and I have 6 blog posts yet to be published, so sorry for that!


So, finally had the chance to meet the Tumblr Bloggers of Tuguegarao City, It was my first time to attend their meet-up and I have to admit, I was only planning to take advantage of going to the city with my brother because we don’t have nothing else to do at home at that time. But, I got really excited when they sent me an invitation to attend their meet-up though. Nonetheless, it turned out to be an enriching experience for me as I got to meet them face to face! The meet-up was held at Barako Boys Coffee Shop, Tuguegarao City. I will blog about the coffee shop on my next post.




The meet and greet was fun, indeed. Connected with local bloggers, we had games, enjoyed good food and fun conversations. My favorite part of the event was learning the stories behind each blogger, knowing them and why do they blog. I was happy to share my story with all these amazing people as well.





Thank you so much to TCTB Admins for putting this event together. I can’t wait to watch this organization grow and take part in what it has to offer. I’m looking forward for next time. See you guys soon again!

P.S. for more photos of the meet-up and If you’re a Tumblr Blogger, and you’re from Cagayan Valley Region. Do visit and like the group Facebook page TCTB

You won’t regret it. SWEAR! 😉




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