So, why not enjoy it?


We all have those pieces in our closet we pass over. Pieces we bought with every intention on wearing, but just haven’t gotten around to yet. Right? πŸ™‚

Oh wait hello guys!!! How are you all doing, I hope your week has been good. And as for me, I was kinda busy coz classes resumed already from the long holiday vacations. Hence, I’m blogging at 2 am Philippine time. I should be sleeping by now but I can’t. LOL!




So, back to the topic! Yea, we always have those pieces that we usually pass over. It happens to me all the time that sometimes I even forget that I own one. lol


vest:Β Trina TurkΒ | leggings: Joe’s Jeans | bag: Belladona | sunnies: Rayban


So… This black vest I’m wearing is one of those things. So, I figured why not? What am I waiting for? It’s time for me to use it. Hehe! The next time you find yourself faced with that same question remind yourself there’s a reason you have it, so why not enjoy it?

Have a great weekend everyone!





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