Forever Young


If there’s one thing I love about fashion, it’s the fun and freedom. It’s about who you are and what you are thinking. Today, I was inspired by pop stars and bling’s, the reason why I wore this OOTD.

Spent the afternoon with my brother and we both attended our nephews’ school program wherein they both joined speech choirs. It has been years since I visited my high-school Alma Mater, it changed a lot already and I was reminiscing all my memories during my stay there.

And then I realized, I already aged a lot..




Oh well, no matter how much I wish to be forever young there’s nothing I can do but to grow old.

Looking back to the previous years, I can definitely say that I have changed a lot, not just in the way I look, but mostly with my decisions and the way I see things. Being 23 taught me a lot of things like how to be grateful to every single thing that comes into my life, no matter how big or how small.. And more importantly, being 23 taught me how to dream again.



top: Fashion Plate | pants: Liz Claiborne | fedora: Bench

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 






67 thoughts on “Forever Young

    • Thank You dear for visiting. 🙂
      Mwah! All the best and keep in touch.

      Wow!, just wow.
      I love your blog and your style.
      You totally inspired me to do good.
      Keep it up! I am now a fan.


  1. Hello April! What a remarkable young lady you are. Knowing the true meaning of life and the fact that you are thankful for every in your life is simply beautiful. Not only are you beautiful outside but also and most importantly, you are also in the inside. Love the top you are wearing and the hat is super chic. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a new fan too:-) Blessings! Jeannette

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