Going Playful


November went by so…. fast? Or slow? And pretty soon, 30 days from now, 2014 will be ending too… but I still haven’t aged a single day since 2011! Hahaha, kidding!

Anyway, let’s talk about what I wear. When I first laid my eyes on this houndstooth top, I instantly grabbed it and fell in loved with it. Yes, that’s true! If only I could wear it right away and go out from the store wearing it already! Haha.

CIMG8996 (2)



I’m not much of a playful person when it comes to fashion, but I’ve been trying different looks lately and I’m enjoying it. There’s this weird energy in me lately that’s been telling me to veer away from the usual’s and just go and experiment.

I know my choices in clothing have been a roller coaster lately. But who can blame me? Aside from the bipolar weather, I feel like my dressing up behavior is quite jammed up lately. Experimenting, not experimenting then more experimenting, weird I know, but I guess this is one of the early quarter life dilemmas that I have to face.


top: Fairy | bottoms: Seductions | brogue heeled shoes: Elle | bag: Victoria Secret

And one thing more, I’m seriously contemplating on getting a boy cut as I recently destroyed my soft straight hair to look like a ball of frizz. Huhu I liked it at first but… ugh!

Hope you guys are having a great day or night, and have a great week ahead!





31 thoughts on “Going Playful

  1. the weather’s been constantly changing lately, so I feel you girl 😉 and you don’t have to stick to one look, I’m sure you would look amazing on anything ❤

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