Outside Mainstream


Fashion is really a form of art. It is something that could be seen and worn at the same time. It is through fashion that you can able to express your creativity, your way to convey your emotions and communicate your creativeness to the world. You also have the freedom, that’s why I think it is indeed the greatest art ever created.




And for today’s blog post, my attempt of doing a street fashion. I know it’s not my usual style but it’s not a crime when you atleast tried something new out from your mainstream style, Right? Street fashion has always been interesting to me, it is fresh, unique and the most genuine when it comes to fashion sense as most of the street style fashionistas don’t care much about what other people think about them, they just follow their own flow and focus on self-expression and feeling comfortable in their clothes. It doesn’t mean they’re careless – they just don’t feel it’s necessary to follow the latest fashion trends and “must-have” looks. They follow what inspires them, a pure self-expression.

And for me, that is admirable.


top: Xxi | skirt: Benetton | cap: Penshoppe

So, if you’re tired of mainstream style and crave for something unique then you should definitely draw inspiration from street fashion.

So what do you think? I’ll leave it to you guys if I nailed it or not. 😉





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