Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Day 2


How could I possibly even begin to thank Clozette for giving me this opportunity? How can I put into words what I have experienced; heard, seen, felt and even smelled? I know I’ve been redundant but you can’t blame me. And yes, the perks of being a Clozette Girl. If I were you, go over their site, sign up and be a member of our Clozette community. It’s just easy, a win-win situation. You’ll gain friends and enjoy all the informative posts that are being shared and.. Their fabulous giveaways!


Okay, Day 2! I was kinda sick and not really feeling well that day.

I got really tired from the Day 1 of PhFW,( which you can read it here). Not enough sleep because we cancelled our supposedly scheduled trip a day before fashion week. Instead, we travelled same day of fashion week day 1 and then we dressed up and went straight on the venue. (not a good idea)

After the show on Day 1, I was supposed to go out and experience Manila’s nightlife with my friends who are now residing and working in Manila, but my body want to surrender already. I swear, I was like dying and I even forgot to bring my medications with me. Ugh!

Anyway, Philippine Fashion Week Day 2 opened with an exhilarating showcase by designers, followed by the sale of their new collections at the popup stores post-show. I was really excited on that day because I know it will be a fabulous and amazing show, and I was right!





Fashion House EsAc kickstarted the show with Jun Jun Cambe‘s artful reinterpretation of the barong and baro’t saya as fluid, layered pieces, paired with bottoms such as black or graphically-printed drop-crotch pants and wraps.


Lyle Ibañez followed with a sleek, urban collection of contemporary looks, done in black and navy for utmost sophistication.


Closing the segment was AudieAE with a show-stopping floor-length red number in scarlet with a black embroidered layer over it, providing a beautiful dramatic ending to the fashion house’s series.




Next, Jerome Salaya Ang’s collection: The Girl in the Water, The Siren’s Lullaby; showcased his masterful use of fashion storytelling, Jerome worked his magic and proved that athletic materials can be dramatic, with surprising cuts, fanciful flounces and sculpting, and exciting silhouettes.




My favourite, Jeffrey Rogador’s JPNY collections, he brought to the runways his contemporary Pinoy pop-culture inspired looks and brought Philippine street fashion up a notch, his ultra-modern take on Filipino fashion infusing his keen tailoring with graffiti prints of Manila street named and destinations and iconic images of locales in Manila. It was amazing!




Sidney Perez Sio, took the basic anatomy of the traditional barong – embroidered bib, boxy cut and silhouette – and turned it over its head. Instead of the usual embroidery, the designer also used digital printing to embellish the garments, as well as beaded appliqués. Sidney Perez Sio’s SS2015 anthology is a ready-to-wear dream.


After the show, guests were able to sift through the designers’ racks and hand-pick the pieces they want, fresh from the runway.

Closing day two of Philippine Fashion Week was Mega Magazine’s Fashion Royal Rumble featuring retail giant H&M, an exclusive party for the global brand announcing their collaboration with designer Alexander Wang. I opted not to go as I am not really into parties



One of the great things about fashion week is meeting all the inspiring people from fashion whom you could have never imagine to meet in your life. During day 2, I met some of the budding top bloggers here in Philippines, wherein some of them were Ambassadors of Clozette.


myself and Miss Lystra Aranal, Regional Community & Development Manager ClozetteINSIDER Editor.


yours truly with Clozette Ambassadress Chin Chin Obcena, and my co-correspondent Arianna Tan

I am so grateful to have been invited to this event, If I were to point out my very favorite moments and things during PhFW, highest on my list would be getting to meet amazing people; bloggers and of course the wonderful people from Clozette. You guys really made my PhFW transcend to hopes and dreams, making it a memory for life, esp. Lystra, you’re a super girl and I will never forget you and your kindness. Second on my list would be, watching the shows, eating in the amazing restaurants and shopping in the stores inside MOA and commuting! Haha

That’s it for now! Last day of my Philippine Fashion Week experience will be up next. 😉





13 thoughts on “Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 Day 2

  1. i’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well april! but you look gorgeous as always 🙂 seems like an amazing opportunity to meet other bloggers and get to know the industry more!

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