Try out.


I’ve been blogging my personal style for more than a year already and as much as I hate to I admit it, that YES, until now I still don’t know what really my style is. I can be girly for today and then androgynous or go black and white the following day. Good thing was, it’s not a problem as I am enjoying experimenting and trying different style. Women should wear what they feel most comfortable in, something that will highlight who they are, right? I believe in due time I will able find my fashion niche that will be in parallel with my persona.



I wore an old nude pants from Old Navy which was given to me years ago but I never had to chance to wear it because I thought flared jeans are fashion faux pas.( blame skinny jeans!) Haha,


pants: Old Navy | top: Local find | bag: Guess | blazer: Forever 21


Surprisingly, it did look good! I’m learning to love it now. Haha. Paired with a crop top and added a blazer to make it not too sexy but still classy. Oh well, as long as you feel comfortable, I didn’t actually care if it’s yay or nay. I was just freely expressing what’s in my mind, regardless my fashion faux pas. What do you think?




18 thoughts on “Try out.

  1. Me too!! I don’t really follow trends all the time. It’s actually more refreshing for me 🙂 Seeing people like you follow their own set of trend! keep it up 😉

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