Love black!


A week of non-stop bipolar weather in Philippines as it gets closer to the end of the year only means one thing for me, shedding off anything that’s happy and colorful and throwing back my lazy-to-go black and white clothes.

I actually kind of miss wearing head to toe black and white, this look makes me feel more like me. I love wearing summer outfits but I actually prefer colder weather.




I know, a bit boring I guess? but sometimes, the trick on doing an black and white ensemble is to pair on different textures of fabric. In my case, I matched my satin black skirt with a furry sweater with cute graphic details so I don’t look too serious and plain. Also, I’m kind of in the phase of not wearing too much accessories so I just wore a simple earring and tried not to add anything else.



sweater: Eat.Pray.Love | skirt: Thrifted |sunnies: Local Shop | envelope clutch: Thrifted

I hope you guys are having a more productive day than I am and have a great week ahead :p




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