The weather in Isabela is so bipolar right now, one day it feels like summer in September and then it’s as windy and chilly as if you’re in Baguio the next.




This is a total comfort dressing kinda outfit, I know its basic, and I know it’s nothing phenomenal either. But there’s just something about leggings and tank top that is so irresistibly easy and chic. I’m really into dressing simply, I think that the best outfits are always the ones that are totally understated.




tank top: h&m | leggings: Joe’s | snapback: Penshoppe | bag: Guess

Is it a yay or nay? 😀

Have a great day everyone!




20 thoughts on “Yes?

  1. what are you doing in cabagan that town is so desolate 😀 serioulsy i love cabagan hahaha pancit, the carousel, the horse drawn caritons, etc oh nice blog you got there!

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