As of this moment I am in the state of separation anxiety where I need to be brave enough to imperceptibly let go of what was once a routine. My all “MAXI” ensemble is one example.  Transition outfit gives me excitement though. Ohhh… goodbye summer! A brand new season calls for a change and so as the new days that are yet to come.

A sudden gush of emotions…summer, oh summer, I will see you soon again and fill me with guiltless nostalgia.





I know I’m such a lazy personal style blogger and I don’t get to post photos that often and when I do, I don’t even post a lot. But please bear with me, I’m a student spending her whole day at school and I don’t have that much time to update. OK, forget it, I just really wanted to post my outfit last week when I watch a pageant… Again, it’s another unplanned and random photo-shoot.




and the backdrop is too beautiful to ignore!

maxi dress: H&M | sandals: Aldo | vest: Thrifted | bag: Chocolate




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