Thank You Clozette!

Ever since I can remember! As a kid, I flipped through the pages of my sister’s magazine collections and just looked at all the beautiful photos and she was soooo obsessed with 90’s pop culture, plus my brother is also obsessed with fashion and pageants so I’ve always been surrounded by people who inspired me. Learning to sneak in their rooms to rummage through their closets and play dress up when they’re not home started as soon as I learned how to walk and turn door knobs. Haha! That’s the time I started my love for fashion and dressing up.

I have mentioned several times in my blog before that I am a “probinsyana.”  Hence, dressing up is not an easy feat for me at first because of the weird stares and snide comments that I get from neighbors or strangers in our area. I also have body insecurities, my legs aren’t flawless and I’m very very short, but I always watch my proportions and try to look as long as I possibly can. I have a weird nose, LOL. It’s a good thing I know my angles. :p haha! but it didn’t stopped me. That’s why I am very proud and thankful to Clozette for featuring me as their fashionista of the month for August.


The experience was great and very fulfilling! I’m humbly bragging it. 🙂 Now, I’m ending this month with this post, sharing how great my experience was, and my collection of my banners and some interview snippets.

The overall theme for the month of August was  “Last Burst of Summer!”— little farewell to the good’ol summer sun, so they conceptualized banners that will capture the month’s overall theme.

For the first week of the month: Summer Dresses


Clozette: Do you have a special memory associated with your favourite summer dress? Please tell us about it 🙂


ME: “My childhood! J Right now all I can think about is the summer, well technically I hate summer because of the scorching hot weather but I am in love with the fact that I can associate summer can also be with relaxation, beach, swimming pools and just about anything that relates to having fun by doing nothing. That was my all time favorite thing to do as a child. I miss when everything was simple and easy, like this one I’m wearing. Just simple and easy, yellow is the color of JOY. It’s a perfect outfit I think when going to the park, watching and reminiscing those days when my only worry was hoping there was someone fun to play with outside that day. I never took my childhood for granted, but boy do I wish I could go back! I still try to keep a piece of it by watching cartoons and actually going to the playground to swing!”

Week 2: Makeup and Style, whether rain or shine!


Clozette:  What’s your beauty/style philosophy, especially now that we’re transitioning to wetter weather?


ME: “I don’t think I’m the right person to ask about beauty tips.. Mehe!  Nonetheless, for the rainy season, always keep feet dry, take advantage of the season to wear trench coats (leather jackets on weekends) and platform boots, complete with a muffler/scarf and/or a beanie. I don’t use much products during the cold season, because I already like how my hair feels damp all the time and my skin less oily. Slather moisturizer and lotion as often as you can though. As for my style, I doesn’t really vary per season. Actually I just really follow the usual “Dress to impress” rule. 🙂 Better to be  over-dressed than under-dressed! lol”

Week 3: Bold, Summer Colors we will always love.

ff-dl-banner-4_with logo

Clozette: Why do you think fashionistas out there love wearing bold colors during summer? Do you personally also wear the trend?

fb-post-4_with logo

ME: “One of the best aspects of summer fashion is the bright colors, perfect time to go bold. I think the reason why fashionistas love wearing bold colors during summer is that vibrant colors reflect the sunlight and give you an extra boost of energy. Yes, I do wear it. Why not? So Clozette girls! Don’t pack away your bright colors yet! Incorporate them into your fall fashions.”

Week 4: Things we’ll miss about summer


Clozette: What will you miss most about summer?


ME: “Just like anyone else, I will miss random beach trips, either with friends or family (beaches here are just hours away!) the sunshine, and  I will miss getting a tan and wearing summer dresses and cool casual clothing 🙂 but that’s not really a problem since we are in a tropical country where summer is forever.” 


This feature gave me more confidence and I’m very grateful for it.

Again, from the deepest part of my heart, and I know I’ve been redundant! lol THANK YOU so much for the opportunity! Cliche to say, but I will never forget all of these. 🙂 you guys are the first one who recognized me so I am really thankful! 🙂
So, to all girls out there who want to venture into fashion but are hindered by several factors such as financial constraints, body insecurities, negative feedback, etc?
Never hold back because you’re worried of what other people may say. Rules are for squares when it comes to fashion, pair red with pink, wear boots with shorts in the middle of summer, mix gold and silver, who cares! Fashion should be what’s comfortable for you.
Use fashion to express yourself and not to impress other people. A designer bag will not make you more stylish so learn to work with what is accessible to you. Thrift shop is the best place to score unique clothes without spending so much, plus you can always d.i.y.!
As for insecurities, learn to embrace your flaws and use them to your advantage, I’m very flat chested, so that means I can wear the lowest neck lines without looking provocative 😉

P.S.  Sign-up and inspire others with your style, loves. Clozette might be the start of your road to fashion.

Sign-up here: Clozette

Members get a chance to win great prizes like a free trip to Korea, a Prada Saffiano Bag, or Victoria’s Secret goodies!
That’s it for now!
Goodnight everyone!

8 thoughts on “Thank You Clozette!

  1. Greatttt job april!!! 🙂 you did very very well ! and i can say you even did great than me (as an ambassador haha). you deserved to be featured!! Godbless you girl! malayo mararating mo! 🙂

    • aww, thank you so much for the sweet comment Elaine. 🙂 so sweet and kind of you to say that. I feel kilig! hihi. No, i think you also did great being the ambassadress. I would’ve not known it kung hindi dahil saiyo. Thaaank You! God bless.. hart hart! hahahaha ❤

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