Be Vibrant


As frustrated as I am, I am blogging to get my mind off a few things. I’m trying to work on this report I have to do tomorrow but why can’t anything just enter my head right now? UGH! I mean I get it, but why can’t I seem to put what I know into a report? SIGH

Anyway, this is a continuation of my blog-post yesterday… We took the chance of shooting an OOTD before eating and to my bad? since the shoot was unplanned, i didn’t bring with me my camera. I used my Ipad and I hope… you won’t roll your eyes on me for that! Yay!




Rocking this sheer yellow top from G.21 brand. It was a perfect sunny day and wearing a yellow, I think was a good idea. Since summer is almost backing off and the pre-fall looks will certainly be out very soon! that’s why I took the chance of wearing bold colors as it gives you an extra boost of energy.


top: G.21 | bag: Call It Spring | watch: Guess | earrings: Fiesta Dep’t Store

what do you think?

Meanwhile, do visit to see more of my shares as I’am their featured fashionista for this month! I will be posting interesting photos in my profile for inspiration.

ff-dl-banner-4_with logo

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Isn’t that fabulous? 🙂 Go click that link and move your mouse and be a member of Clozette!




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