bricks and bells


Hi everyone! I hope that you, well had a good weekend! Mine was super okay and I had fun, though I still can not get use to the resumption of classes again tomorrow! lol




Let’s talk about my outfit, I am not normally into showing off my arms and getting baked, but heat literally makes me shed off all the other layers that I usually tuck myself into and just get the most out of the sun. We have a fairly mild weather for the moment in Northern Philippines, the sun with a little freshness. It is a pleasure to get dressed, and this is the perfect time to wear my new purchases.




I wore this when I attended a wedding mass last Saturday. Dresses, skirts, crop top and just anything that’s easy and breezy to wear are my current bff’s, anything that’s heavy, black and uncomfortable are all kept hidden inside my closet. Well except for these black shoes and pleated palazzo,, that I need to do something about.


top: H&M | palazzo pants: P square | eyeglasses: Bazaar | enveloped clutch: Bazaar

what do you think? πŸ˜‰

Goodnight. I’m headed into the void of The Bed That Swallows.

don’t forget to hype and vote for this look hereΒ ChictopiaΒ and hereΒ Lookbook





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