Fashion tips: How to accessorize

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I have to admit; that sometimes I’m always confused about accessorizing. We all know that over accessorizing can ruin the perfect outfit, or it can either make or break an outfit. So, we have to learn how to accessorize with the right amount of pieces and boldness to create an appealing effect.

So, here are the tips I found over the inter-webs and I summarized it for everyone who are still confused. I know, you’d want to read these tips. 🙂

1. Think of your body in three different sections.

from head to neck, neck to waist, and waist to feet. When someone looks at you, these are the main portions that they see. Accessorizing each of these sections properly is extremely important when going for the wow factor.

2. Think about all of the accessories that could go in one section.

From head to neck, there could be a hat, headband, earrings, sunglasses and necklace. From neck to waist: a necklace, bangles, belt and handbag. From waist to feet: a belt, anklet and shoes.

3. Choose one significant piece that you would like to wear in each section.

For example: a thick, bright headband; a large satchel purse; and yellow wedges with a straw heel.

4. Make all of the other accessories in each section count, but downplay them.

Instead of bold earrings, try simple hoops or studs. Leave out the bulky belt. Stick to one or two thin bangles. Wear only a thin anklet with your wedges. Each of these pieces accents the bolder pieces without competing with them

Nobody wants to look like a walking talking jewelry box so follow Coco Chanel’s advise: “Take one thing off before leaving the house.” It’s all about balance. When wearing a statement necklace for example, it’s best to avoid big chunky and bold earrings- because it might look too heavy, overpowering and over crowded.

Another important thing to remember is to choose the accessories that complement the outfit. Come up Wouk a central theme and work with that.

My major stressor is mixing metals: ie. gold with silver, gold w/ rose gold, etc. So I make sure when I wear silver hardware it stays consistent and also when things are mixed and matches in such a bad way. Whether it’s with patterns, prints, styles, or colors, make sure your ensemble looks cohesive as a whole. Shoes, bags, and accessories should go with the look you are going for. So, for example, delicate looking jewelry with a soft feminine dress and graceful looking shoes. Some contrast and pops of color can be attractive, but don’t over do it.

Try the mantra “aim for simple elegance” to avoid over accessorizing. Looking too busy, over crowded or tawdry with your accessories is never in style. Embellish your eco-friendly clothing with a few main complimentary pieces.

here’s a guide,

from: Krisi Miller

from: Krisi Miller

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 5.15.23 PM

from: Krisi Miller

from: Krisi Miller

from: Krisi Miller

Did these visual help?

Also know which necklace shapes go best for different necklines 🙂

I will discuss it on my next post. 🙂 Stay tuned!


APRIL.xx 🙂


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