Fashion tip: How to become taller without wearing 4″++ heels.

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You can avoid wearing high heels and still look taller than you are by dressing correctly and following a few useful tips.

Here are 10 ways that you can make yourself look taller without hobbling around on high heels:

Stand up straight.

Posture makes an unbelievable difference when it comes to looking taller. So, to add inches to your height, put those shoulders back and stop slouching.

Show off your arms.

When you are petite, one way to look taller is to make your limbs look longer. With this in mind, choose pieces which have shorter sleeves to make your arms look longer and more elegant.

 Wear block colours.

Wearing a skirt and top in the same colour, or throwing on a solid colour maxi dress even, can elongate your figure. As colours are not separating your top and bottom halves, you will automatically look longer, leaner and taller.

Match tights with shoes.

Matching black tights with black shoes is a look that goes with virtually everything, but other colours may be trickier to match. This look works in the same way as wearing block colours, as there is no ‘cutoff’ line between leg and foot. This makes legs look longer and leaner.

Avoid baggy clothing.

Anything that is too loose-fitting or baggy will swamp a petite frame and make you look shorter and also wider. The exception to this rule is a maxi dress, which can work well to add the appearance of height and length if chosen in a well-fitted, frame-flattering style.

Wear V-necks.

A V-neck creates a vertical look that can make you look taller, with the added bonus of making your neck look longer.

Avoid big bags.

Carrying around an oversized bag can make you look tiny in comparison. So, choose a bag that is proportional to your height, using the general rule that your handbag should be no bigger than the distance between bust and hip.

Wear vertical lines and avoid horizontal lines.

Stripes are a big trend for this season, but petite ladies should make sure their stripes are going in the right direction. A maxi dress with vertical stripes will draw the eye up and down to add height, but one with a horizontal line pattern will only add width.

Choose small patterns.

If block colours aren’t your thing, stick to clothes which feature small patterns and details. These will add interest to an outfit without reducing your height.

Try wedges.

If you don’t want to wear heels but you need a height boost for a special occasion, try a pair of low-heel wedges. These will give the height you want, but will be comfortable and practical to wear.

Hopefully that helped you.


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17 thoughts on “Fashion tip: How to become taller without wearing 4″++ heels.

  1. OMG!!! This is perfect!!! I’m short and don’t like heels too much and these tips have really helped me! Thanks for telling me that maxi dresses work out because I tend to avoid them because I thought I would look tiny wearing them. But I have a question: how is that short sleeves make your limbs look longer? I always felt that full sleeves make my arms look longer and short sleeves make them look fat.

    • Hi, no problem! I’m honored that I was able to help you, and that’s actually the purpose of my post to help whoever will read it. I’m also petite and I love wearing maxis! 🙂 go try it! just work on it girl! And about the sleeves, in my personal opinion, i do think shorts sleeves make your limbs longer because they are fairly neutral as far as flattering your upper body, it creates a vertical line, just be sure the sleeve is not tight around your upper arm as this will certainly appear wider, and obviously this is not what we want! 🙂 Go girl! 🙂

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