Lucky me!

Life is indeed full of surprises and blessings, and just last month I mentioned in one of my posts and in my Facebook and Twitter that I won a giveaway from

Mcclaugherty x Sushi & Shoes Musty Puff Contest 



I was so happy because it was my first time ever to win a blog contest knowing I don’t really join “giveaways” that much. Don’t get me wrong, I love giveaways, it’s just that I’m losing hope sometimes that i might not win, and then… BOOM! I won! hahaha. :) The feeling was surreal, it’s like I won a lottery jackpot!

So, next time? you know what to do, try and try…..😉

Okay, about my outfit before I’ll go to bed!


This is what I wore today when I decided to go to the mall to finally get the shoes I’ve been wanting to buy since last week. Yes, i wore my winning prized blouse.😉 I want something light and breezy because the weather was unsurprisingly hot.




I really loved my outfit here. I loved how comfy everything is, specially my blouse…  it’s mustard yellow color goes well with my black leggings, shoes, and bag. It looks classy and I love classics. I love those pieces that never goes out of style for decades. These pieces are the ones worth keeping in your closet, that no matter how many times you wear ’em, you would always look good no matter what.




It’s perfect for summer, a splash of color, a sudden gush of emotions… summer, oh summer… don’t leave me yet.


top: Bayo | leggings: Forever 21 | bag and watch: Guess | shoes: my fashion | shades: Rayban Signet

I’m going back to sleep!😛


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26 thoughts on “Lucky me!

  1. It’s fun to win contests, looks liked you picked a winner. Love the splash of yellow, very cheery 😄 next, you will have to show me the shoes you bought at the mall!

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