Let me.. what? oh, sign.


She was standing there by the broken tree

Her hands were all twisted she was pointing at me

I was damned by the light coming out of her eyes

She spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky

She said ‘ Come on over to the bitter shade,

I will wrap you in my arms

and you’ll know you’ve been saved’

Let me sign, let me sign,

can’t fight the devil so just let me sign

Performed by: Robert Pattinson




This song makes me feel unnaturally happy and very in love.  It’s so beautiful and I’m in in love with it the moment I heard it from the movie Twilight. It made me put on a white almost sheer dress, imagining I’m in a tall grass field and running around but I got this beautiful room we rented when we attended a cousins wedding. It really takes me to a happy place and while I listen to it, I completely forget all of my problems. Good thing he performed the whole song because the first time I heard it wasn’t completed yet, but still? completed song or not I still probably wouldn’t know what to do with myself.




top worn as dress: Forever 21 | watch: Guess | statement necklace: Jademar

Okaaaay, I’m being narcissistic again. 😀


BYE for now!




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