They say, in order to live a happy life we must always seek to obtain balance. We live in a world where we are obliged to choose between what we want and what we think is right. And to keep the balance we must always choose the obvious.




Frustration happens when restrict ourselves from chasing after our hearts’ desires. We tend to seek for other things that would make us happy, but at the end of it all, the pain would always come back.

 Balance was supposed to be the key to happiness, but now it’s almost part of what locks us from where we are standing today.


Okay, that was full of emotions, forgive me! Hahaha. Let’s talk about what I wore before I’ll get you bored. When I first laid my eyes on this orange top with sequined collar, I instantly grabbed it and fell in loved with it. I’m not much of a playful person when it comes to fashion, my style is very basic and a little conservative sometimes, but somehow, there’s this weird energy in me lately that’s been telling me to veer away from the usuals and just go and experiment.




Also, I’m the kind of person who has favoritism over her belongings. I have 5-10 pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories that I like to call my uniforms, these are the things that I wear almost everyday until they worn out. I’m not the type of person who plans outfits ahead of time. I am perpetually late so I usually just roll to the first piece of clean clothing that I could find. And that explains why I’m almost wearing the same things and same colors everyday, so forgive me for wearing repetitive clothes and shoes sometimes.



I know my choices in clothing have been a roller coaster lately. But who can blame me? Aside from the bipolar weather, I feel like my dressing up behavior is quite jammed up lately. Experimenting, not experimenting then more experimenting, weird I know, but I guess this is one of the early quarter life dilemmas that I have to face.

PicMonkey Collage

top: Eight (Mart-One Dep’t Store) | leggings: Seductions | eyeglasses: Sidewalk

HYPE this look here LOOKBOOK


Thank You for reading. 😉




29 thoughts on “Randomization

  1. Nice top. I love the collared detail of it. Sayang naman if you weren’t able to attend BU. There’s next time pa naman. 🙂

    Have a great week ahead!

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    You’ll surely love the items they have in store for you plus free shipping worldwide! 🙂


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