I did some major cleaning in my room and I have to say that sometimes the best things in life are just there right beside us or maybe just hiding somewhere deep inside our closets. Say this amazing dress which I bought last year and found out hiding in my closet which I think is suitable for the weather here in the Philippines. I feel like I need more breeze and color in my outfit since summer was starting to get more hotter.




How’s your week so far? how’s your Holy week? Mine was just okay and fine. A week of staying at home and I already feel like I’ve mastered the art of doing nothing. The repetitive job of waking up, having brunch and coffee and a continuous Nina Dobrev’s TVD marathon might sound boring to some but I actually enjoyed it.




And just to spice up my life a bit, I sometimes trade my bed for a little bit of dressing up game and OOTD shoots to kill my time. Surely, nothing beats the comfort of just being lazy (and that includes not ironing clothes), but I wonder how long could I keep up with this kind of routine? the burden of not having summer classes.


dress: thrifted | purse: Newlook | pearls: mom’s collection | watch: Guess


Anyway, gotta go. Bed is waiting for me, and oh? HAPPY EASTER!!!!! πŸ™‚

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