I could never really describe how hot it is in Philippines right now, the weather as I always say is unbearable at all levels. Layering and heavy clothes are not really what can recommend at the moment and that the only thing that I really want to do is to stay in bed with AC turned on and drink a really cold smoothie.




So anyway, on with the outfit, I wore a really light a breezy crochet top because of the various reasons stated in the beginning of this post and matched it with an black skirt because well, that’s the first thing I saw inside my closet. I wanted to achieve that “summer glow” look but I guess I need to exert more for that to happen. HAHA!




Okay, I know that my “bra” is showing off again, a choice wherein it can make or break your outfit. My original plan was pairing it with a black spaghetti tank top as my undergarment to avoid my bra showing off but… since it’s scorching hot and layering was not a good idea for ME, and I wanted to feel breezy as well so I opted not to use it anymore, so blame the weather!!! kidding. Anyway, I always have this kind of dilemma on what kind and color of undergarment I should have on when wearing a sheer top. Since I’m wearing a blue sheer top, I decided to use a black bra to balance it all out to complete the look and it matched my skirt as well. What do you think? Do you guys encounter these problems too? Any tips?

I would like to hear them.

top: Anne’s Closet | skirt: Thrifted | sunglasses: Rayban Signet | heels: Gibi


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14 thoughts on “Showtime

  1. I can only imagine what the weather is like there. I like heat but not tropical heat 🙂 You are dressed right for the season though, I love the blue crochet/see-through top. I think in this situation seeing your bra through it is actually quite chic. Now, how on earth did you stand in heels on those rocks?! xo-Elaine

    • hahah! It was a random joyride trip with my siblings and we ended going somewhere near the river. I had a hard time standing in those heels. Swear, I will never do it again. LOL. Good thing i brought my flats with me. And the heat is already unbearable. 😐 Thanks Elaine. 🙂

  2. I love your outfit! It’s great! That skirt is perfect and your blouse is amazing 🙂 I envy your weather, where I live autumn just started and the warm days are sadly over

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