Sometimes I get completely obsessed with a non fictional character from a book or a movie. It’s always from a romance of course, my favorite type of movie/book. The character is always a type of man that all women dream of having.  A man who loves with his heart and soul. And when I experience a character like this, I get completely obsessed with them.


cats (2)


Silly things, like imaging a love so strong. Imagining if I were the girl in the movie and how my life would be. Or how it would feel to be loved so deeply by someone. It’s nice to step away from reality for one moment. That’s what I call my happy place and the song I posted in my last post helps me get there. But just like when the song ends, my happy place comes to an end and I’m snapped back into my harsh reality.



sorry for pounding you with my narcissistic photos, I was bored. 🙂


Meanwhile, here are some of my recently purchases. My inner shopaholic was triggered again, and I can’t wait to wear them!



Okay, BYE!



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