Reunions, such occasions become rarer as we get older, opportunities that comes only with special birthday events, weddings, or just a simple gathering.




Life goes on, as the mind wanders with reflections on how time goes by so swiftly, such that in too many instances, before we get to realize each priceless moment, such moments would be gone and would not last forever. That’s why we must treasure each moment, set aside pride and prejudice, learn to love more and to judge less.


Anyways, we went to a resort for a mini family gathering since my cousin from Taiwan went home. Since we’re not busy and it was Sunday, so… family day! 🙂




For my look, I just want to look casual. I’ve used this top, the snapback cap and bag once and it was at the time when I went to a reunion too. After 3 months, I’m taking it out for another #OOTD. One of the many reasons why I can’t seem to let some of my clothes go is because apart from its (sentimental?) value, I find ways to use them again. After all, I think style isn’t solely about trends, what’s hot and whatnot. It is about identity; finding who you are through the clothes you wear.



top: 99 store (similar here) | shorts: Aeropostale | shoes: Sole | bag and cap: similar (here)

what do you think?

HYPE this look here Lookbook and Chictopia


thanks for dropping by. Have a great week ahead!



12 thoughts on “Reunions

  1. You look stunning doll! Absolutely adore the hat. If you have a sec id love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post.

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