These are just bunch of pictures I had on my camera that I decided to post. Basically, just to once again explain my absence. I wanted to post my next OOTD but due to some circumstances of which I don’t know why? this random pictures won it’s right to be publish. lol Maybe I just find it too redundant of posting OOTD’s over and over again, I want some variety for this blog so to break the monotony. Here it is!


I took this photo while travelling home after going to the city. I love how those trees are perfectly planted vertically. 


One of my all time favorite chocolate! TOBLERONE! 😀


My trusted friends! hahaha. I’m not really into lipsticks so I only have few of them. But? these are indeed trustworthy! 


Qoute of the day? I tried editing one, so I came up with this. :p


Random photo I took when my friends and I ate at “Pintag” I will blog about it soooon! Just read what’s written in the poster and you’ll know why I took it! I find it funny! lol


Welcome signage between Cagayan and Isabela Provinces of the Philippines. They are just approximately 50 meters apart. lol


I took this photo as result of boredomness. lol


Random stolen shot while waiting for our orders. 


I know these are not really the best photos you’ve seen or photography worthy but i just want it to share to you guys. I love taking photos, as much as reading books. I love appreciating photos cause I do believe that every photos there’s a story tell.

Time flies so fast and in due time, this photos will never be the same again by the time you took it. Create a memory by taking photos no matter how randomly it is.

so.. click! click! click!

Thank you for dropping by and leaving sweet comments. You surely left a smile in my face. 🙂

Have a happy weekend everyone!



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