behind the scenes

I love behind the scenes, knowing that behind every flash, the flair and amazing photos of every blogger are characters and personas or even a team who are amazingly dedicating their time to make every photo-shoots successful or photographs become well photographed.


I love the fact that how someone transform into entity like no other once in front of the camera because of a team behind it. I’m a naturally shy person before I got into this blogging scene. I’m not used to photo-shoots or my OOTD’s are being taken, how much more on posing on streets doing your typical yet laughable (when you think about it) blogger poses somewhere wherein there’s a potentially good backdrop for your photos. lol



Ever since I started my blog, I always have my brother with me, patiently taking my photos. The thing is, no one in my family is adept enough to maneuver a camera—be it digital, film, and what not, but only him. I may know how to handle a camera but if I want to take super narcissistic outfit shots of myself, I would have to rely on someone. Human tripod is much better than steel tripod. Agree?




I always experience that odd look coming from other people wondering what we are doing, lol. Days passed, I couldn’t care less. It gave me confidence.. but? sometimes the shyness in me do still trigger. lol Amidst all of this, one thing I realized is that, behind the scene is where a real story is happened, we may view all the well photographed photos all the time but the scenes behind it are much more memorable and worth remembering. It shows that beneath our clothes, and behind those photos we are all the same.


P.S. these photos are many of the behind the scenes photos I saved whenever I do some OOTD shots, forgive me if you find them horrible! I’m sure you guys have yours  too. Now look on those photos and remember all the fun and good memories behind it.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂



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