Black Mantra


Our finals are ongoing right now, I’m done with my five subjects already and I still have 3 more to go. I know I should be reviewing.. But? I’m already tired, I can no longer absorb every topic that I’m reading and it would be only useless if I read my books without even understanding it, right? that’s why… I am here, typing and blogging for another entry to keep my mind rested.




I’ve been studying for weeks already and I’m pretty sure that it’s already enough to back me up for my 3 incoming exams. Wish me luck though. 😉 CIMG6361CIMG6344CIMG6363

I tried something new today. I decided to give the all black ensemble a go. I must say that I’m in love with it. I think it looks absolutely fabulous!! As they say “classy is the original black”. It would be a style I won’t mind repeating again. I just added some colored pieces so that it won’t be a dull looking ensemble. 🙂



top: Mango | skirt: Thrifted | bag: Mix and Style | floppy hat: Columbia

What do you think?

HYPE this look here Lookbook




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