The proverbial “What’s Inside Your Bag”

I can’t imagine myself doing this but.. to break the monotony of posting outfit post, I am exploiting the humdrum, not the fanciest contents of my everyday bag – something the quintessential blogger has already done at least once. Lol. Why? Perhaps to satisfy others’ curiosity or attract potential bag snatchers and thieves, I don’t exactly know, but here you go:


  1. The widely known “kikay kit” or handy make up kit. I guess every girl have this in their bag.
  2. RayBan aviators, so that I can watch people or look at them without them knowing! But really.. I’m sensitive to sunlight, specially my eyes.
  3. Bvlgari Amethyst, I just love this scent. I’ve been using it for 5 years already.
  4. Hand Sanitizer, you know exactly what is this for, no need to elaborate. πŸ˜€ this one is not mine actually, I got it from my 8 y/o nephew. He gave it to me. Sweeeeeet!
  5. Novel, that I’m currently reading. I always bring novels/books with me, I love reading.
  6. Garnier Fructis Hairspray, to keep my hair tame. lol
  7. Wallet, I’ve been using this for 3 years, it’s from Liz Clairborne.
  8. Rosary, I’m a devout catholic. I always pray.
  9. Cellphone, I love this phone so much to the point that I can’t even replace it for a very sentimental reason.
  10. Pen, my nurse friend gave it to me with my name on it.


What’s in my make up kit:

  1. Eye shadows with a lipstick on it: I don’t really use this often, I just bring it with me so that whenever my classmates are asking or borrowing some eye shadows, this is what I give to them. πŸ˜€ I don’t let them use my personal things.. you know? hygienic purposes. lol
  2. Lipsticks: with different shades, I always bring them with me because they’re my favorites so far.
  3. Estee Lauder eye shadows, my favorite.
  4. Victoria Jackson, another favorite eye shadows.
  5. Eye lash curler: for curling my eye lashes obviously. lol
  6. Brushes and Eyes liners: I only bring brushes and eyeliners that I only use.

So, that concludes my “What’s in your bag” post.

nothing interesting but.. Yea? Thank you for wasting your time. haha



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