Under the Bridge


It was extremely hot the other day when we shoot this picture! So, I wanted to keep cool as much as possible, I wore this Aztec print dress I got from Forever 21 last summer (Philippine season)!  Yea, you heard it right. It’s been sleeping in my closet for a year. Lol so this dress is making its debut now, after a year! Lol.




I’ve been dressing super casual lately, even though sometimes I can’t stand it but I can’t help but put a casual outfit together. Its summer and it’s hot! Who really feels like putting in the effort? lol I only do when I’m at school or it depends in my mood… and that’s when I have fun with my multiple personalities, fashion wise. I was kinda dreadfully bored with this outfit that I decided to wear a hat and wedges. I didn’t think I would like it but I did. I think it gave the outfit some personality and actually enjoyed it after.




I just had a little hard time controlling my dress when we shoot this because of the strong wind, we shoot it actually under the bridge that’s why my dress keeps on moving.



dress: Forever 21 | hat: Landmark Trinoma | watch: Bulova | accessories: 21k gold bangles



What do you think? I would love to hear your comments! 😉

HYPE this look here Lookbook and Chictopia




12 thoughts on “Under the Bridge

  1. Hi! just created a blog of mine. You’re from Isabela right? I love your confidence. keep on. God bless. My blog is still under construction. can u help me thou?

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