Promdi Chic

Blogging is a fun hobby. It’s a way to get your voice out into the world and meet people with similar interests. As with anything, though the more you do it, the more you see where your interests lie. You may start out blogging any topic that you like as long as you have interest on it. Then, after a few months or even a year, you see that you tend to realize that there is something lacking and you want to do something and offer more, or find your niche. And later on, wouldn’t you know it? Your niche and passion just don’t fit your blog’s name any more. It happens!


If you have been a reader of my blog since the day I started it, you will notice a changes in my blog title. From “WHITEWALL” to “PROMDI CHIC” Changing your blog title so dramatically isn’t something many of us would do; my blog has been through three theme changes before but never on blog title. I chose WHITEWALL for a random reason; it just came out in my mind since I realized that I’ve been taking my OOTD’s in a white wall backdrop, LOl I never really take some time thinking on what blog title will I’m going to use before, but as days passed I got bored and realized that I should step out of the box and consider outdoors can be a good OOTD’s backdrop as well. I love my blog title so much but I realized that it no longer fits my niche that’s why, I changing it to…cropped-white-background-24040-hd-wallpapersx.jpg

Why PROMDI CHIC? Let me first define you what is PROMDI. 


from Urban Dictionary

And why did I choose this blog title, mainly because I’m a girl who grew up in the province but already experienced being and living in the city. A law of proportionality, I live in the province, so it defines me as a person geographically speaking, but not my totality for I’ve been to the city and somehow lived and studied there, and I adopted partly their lifestyle, so it defines me.  And also, I want this blog to be a platform for inspiration to those who are living in the province that are afraid to style themselves because other people might say something or any other kind of small town plagues. Besides nowadays, it’ll be hard to find a promdi girl who hasn’t been in the city at one point in her life because there are promdi girls who already been exposed to city life when they moved there to work or study, so to say they’re stuck up is no longer accurate.

Regardless whether a girl has stayed in the city or not and no matter how long she has been elsewhere, you can’t take the “good” things away from her that easily for they are embedded in their roots whatever places they came from.  A lass who was raised and bred in the country can always appreciate the simpler things, can see joy and pleasure in domestic life but also values her independence and can do things on her own. While those girls who lived and grew up in the city are interesting, open minded and spontaneous/bubbly; they know what they want and knows how to get it. We must not stereotype.

I feel like my new blog title represents me better as who I am now. Having said that, I’m fully open to the idea that I might want to change it again someday. Haha. But I think I will stick to this one forever. This whole process has made me see my blog name as a more transient aspect of my blogger life, rather than a definitive description of who I am as a person.

what can you say about it? Hopefully I won’t confuse you all for this sudden change.




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